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Opening July 2014, visit Cultus Lake Adventure Park!  Just steps away from BC's biggest waterpark, Cultus Lake Adventure Park is BC’s newest and most incredible family Theme Park!

Located only one hour outside of downtown Vancouver, it’s the most animated amusement park you will ever see!   With award-winning craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind rides and attractions, this park is loaded with surprises at every turn and will leave you amazed.  Bike rentals are even available so that you can bike ride around and check out the Cultus Lake area! Featuring Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf, Pedal Power by the Hour, Bucky's Boats, Balloon Adventure, Carousel, Wave Swinger, Wilderness Trail, Wagon Wheel, Cultus Lake Gold & Gems, Windmill Drop, and Buckin' Bronco, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy – and Gate Admission to the park is FREE! See terms

Come by and see the NEW and spectacular Cultus Lake Adventure Park.